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Membrane Scaling

All reverse osmosis (RO) feed waters are different in ionic composition. As a result, different types of scale may deposit on the membranes if the correct antiscalant is not used. Selecting the right antiscalant and cleaning chemicals will optimise operating efficiency and help to prevent plant failure.
Below we list some of the most common types of scales that we have identified on RO membranes during autopsy procedures and the appropriate chemicals to use.

A regular maintenance and cleaning programme can provide a significant return on investment by extending system run time, preventing membrane degradation, maintaining lower feed pressures and extending the membrane's life. Our membrane cleaners are good general –purpose cleaners witch remove membrane fouling.

Memoclean : Memoclean is a range of high purity synthetic cleaners, used to remove alkaline scales and metal oxide deposits from membranes and associated pipe work.

Salient Features

  • High purity product - synthetic grade.
  • Fast acting - effective in removing a wide range of scales and deposits.
  • Does not contain a metal corrosion inhibitor which might adversely affect membrane performance
    Concentrated solution.

Usage Tips

  • When adjusting the pH of cleaning solutions or plant feed water always refer to membrane manufacturer's or OEM's instructions.
  • Memoclean should be added to good quality chlorine free water in suitable cleaning tank. The cleaning solution must be stirred to avoid localized variations in pH.

RO Antiscalant Chemical SuppliersRO Antiscalant Chemical Suppliers

membrane scaling

Membrane Scaling

Prevention and removal

membrane fouling

Membrane Fouling

Prevention and removal

ro antiscalant

RO Antiscalant

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An effective solution


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