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Biocide Fouling Membrane Chemicals


Successful membrane cleaning depends primarily on the nature of the foulant. Before selecting cleaning chemicals and designing a cleaning protocol it is vitally important to correctly identify the deposit or foulant.

For the most effective cleaning, and therefore reduced cleaning frequency, conditions of pH, temperature and contact time are important. We've provided the information; however we would recommend asking us to design a cleaning protocol for you. Please contact us.

Advantages of Packaged Cleaners

The strong buffering of our Water & Process Technologies cleaners enables them to resist changes in pH as foulants dissolve, allowing the cleaning solution to continue working until all of the foulant has reacted. Mineral acids and bases have no buffering capacity and many generic formulations have only limited buffering capacity. Formulated products provide multiple benefits of effectiveness as compared to citric acid or caustic products, which are one-dimensional in their ability to clean.

Testing and Approvals
All our cleaning chemical products have been formulated and tested for compatibility and effectiveness prior to release for use.

Membrane pH Limits
GE's cleaning chemicals are buffered to operate in pH ranges that are specified by the membrane manufactures as being non damaging to membrane elements. The pH of commodity cleaners, blended by an end user, are subject to the accuracy and care taken in making up these commodity blends.

Process Expertise  
Successful membrane cleaning relies on both the effectiveness of the cleaning compounds and the design and operation of the cleaning equipment.


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